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  • Name: Kyra Lona Maisha
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My Bio

Kyra is a white lioness.  She is the youngest daughter of Jelani and Nasha Lona. She is the founder of the Maisha pride and currently lives with them, even though she is no longer in charge.  She has raised a few that are now on their own and two cubs of her own.  She is still very happy and playful as an older lioness.    

My AIM name is Kyra Maisha if you would like to role play some time or just talk.


My Occupation

Shift supervisor 

My Hobbies

I raise guinea pigs, draw, and love to roleplay as Kyra, and my other characters!

<a href="">Kyra's Guinea Pigs</a>

I have decided lately that I would like to get back into roleplaying.  I'm not available a lot as I still have piggies, a cat, and now a dog that require a lot of my time; when I'm not at work, but I still would be more than happy to join in where I can!

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